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What is Magick?

What Is Magick?


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White Magic Spells by Izabael DaJinn
The World's Premiere Spell-casting Genie

The truth is magic is magic whether it's black, white, grey or anything else. Magic is about utilizing natural forces in the universe and in our subconscious minds and it has no inherent "white" magic or "black" magic about it, anymore than electricity or fire is inherently good or evil.

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White magic spells can be roughly categorized as those magic spells which are intended to benefit not just one's selfish desires, but also will help others and humanity as a whole. White magic spells typically including healing spells, most (but not all!) spells that work with angels (Qabalistic, Enochian, or otherwise), spells that ask for guidance, and anything else you would normally associate with angels. Things like love spells and wealth spells can fall into either category of black or white magic spells. Spells that tend to selfishness, greed, or lust, or anger are generally considered black magic spells.

So contact me if you are curious about how I might manifest your white magic desires, or check out one of listings below. If nothing is up, just email me. I personalize ALL magic spells for YOUR specific and PERSONAL intent!

I cast love spells, romance magic spells, healing spells, wealth and money spells, confidence spells, intelligence and wit spells, courage spells, revenge spells, and protection spells, to name just a few. You can be next to have your wishes come true! REAL MAGIC SPELLS WORKS!

My spells are made specifically for you to fulfill your most crucial desires.

My talismans also make great gifts if you want to help a friend in need. These are *not* spell kits, these are FULLY CAST MAGIC SPELLS by me personally!

You may order with Paypal, snail mail me cash, or send Bitcoin. If you don't see the type of spell you wish, just email me! If you have any other questions, let me know.


Izabael Magick Love Spells, Djinn-Genie Magic Spells

What happens after I buy one of your spells?

1. After you pay for your purchase, contact me ASAP with the pertinent details of your life situation. Tell me what your desired result is, such as are you more focused on intense romance, love, wealth, career, guidance, healing, etc. One goal per magic spell!

2. We will discuss in email the best possible specific intent for your spell. Once we have agreed on the exact purpose of the spell, there is no going back. This is the absolute last stage where you can change your mind!

3. Within one to three days, I will create your talisman. I make these by hand on parchment paper and black ink as is my style.

4. After the creation of the talisman, I perform a magickal ceremony, where I stir up as much appropriate divine light as possible and channel it into the talisman. At this point the talisman is charged.

5. I mail the talisman to you.

6. You put the talisman in a safe place and try and forget about it as best you can.

7. I am available at this stage for more consultation if you are feeling confused or worried.

8. Be patient. My magick is always effective, though depending on the type of spell and where you are at your life Karmically, it might take days, weeks, or even months to manifest.

9. When your result arrives, you must destroy the talisman (burn it or bury it).

10. Please remember to contact me if you have any questions about my magic spells. I will be happy to answer.

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