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What Is Magick?


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See Izabael's Reviews (names starred-out to protect privacy! All my spells are 100% confidential!):

"We're back together!!!!! Just in time. I received the talisman today. Thank you so much. You are amazing. I owe you. I believe it but I can't believe. She hated my guts two days ago. Long road ahead but it's worth it. You effen Rock!!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!! Thank you " -- P.C.


"You are the ONLY person I trust!" -- C*****lla Su*****el


"Yes, it is all so wonderful!!! I am just so shocked...I always believed that he would eventually return! I knew that& feel so connected to him! For some reason...I just felt that it would take several more weeks before I heard from him! However, I am so glad that is NOT the case!!! We have waisted so much time apart....I thank you so much for the guidance, support ect..." -- Ni***e M***e

"Thank you for everything our screenplay is a semi finalist for the sundance table read at the sundance festival yahoo. thanks for your help." --M**y A***a.


"yes thank you sooo much im truly grateful for this, the last spell really worked because within a few weeks of me emailing and asking you for help they both broke up :)" -Ka***a M****y

"I apologize if you're getting tired of my emails but I'm almost in awe of how well the spell worked last week. You have to understand that food was my first addiction and I tried so many things to control my appetite. This past week was remarkable for me." --Mat***w A***r


"Izabael.. I must be receiving a Birthday wish? I got a phone call from my Husband he wants to take me out this weekend. WOW!
I wanted you to know :)" -- P*****a He****d


"Well since I received the talisman there has been significant changes with B***r. We are communicating much better, he comes to see me more regularly, he is warmer and more attention. He has expressed his desire to commit to the me and the relationship and he has started to profess his love. The transformation he has undergone is amazing. I know that all of this wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't cast the spell. Words are just not enough to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for everythign you've done." -- Ush***


"Finally reconnected with him last night & exchanged phone numbers. We spoke for a while & I think things between us are going to steadily improve thanks to YOU!" -- D****e D***ny


"So me and John reconciled. Your magic is amazing. " -- R** Z***o


"Dear Izabael,

I am a happy returning customer.

In November 2012 I have bought from you the BUNE spell. And there is financial improvement. I am extremely grateful for all your help. I help my grandma a lot and I am so happy about it." Ka****a K.


"Breaking news!

This just in... I recently found out that R***a is no longer a manager at her job.. For reasons unknown to me right now.. but still the will we invoked through Andras is slowly but surely coming into frutition. "-- Ma**us D***s


"Hi Izabael,

I think your love spell was a success! I admit, I was a bit doubtful about the spell, but followed directions anyway" -- Ha***h


"Hello =) Recently you casted a bring back a lover spell..which I can't thank you enough! He is back and we're doing great!! " -- Ra***el M***


I would like to thank you again for previous spells you have cast for me. They are working very well, taking time but staying positive because the best will come soon." -- Sam****a F******m


"One of the things I asked of Aim was to be the most successful sales person in my new job, and super in charms and wit. The experiences during the past few weeks have provided very intense growth and progress in that direction which will always benefit me " -- Da****le L.


"Dear Izabael, I wanted to let you know that I have found my guilty pleasure! in a way that surpasses all understanding, it is like coming home!" -- Mar**n K****r


"hello its me again Iz..... the SPELL worked!!!!!!!!!!!!
When my target didn't say hello I confronted him...he said he can not resist me and ive been in his mind a lot lately....... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy...." --I***n Za****i


"Hi good morning, I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!

For months I couldn't even win $1. But your spell has already started working. I have started wining again. Thank you so very much. I wish I could really tell you how much I appreciate you for what you did."-- Ed*****d R*****l


"He's actually just got on a train to come up here when he got out of work which was a half hour ago. This was a HUGE surprise to me, big change from yesterday. "-- K***n Mc****e


"I have good news. Andras [breakup and revenge djinn] is doing well as usual. He seemed to have gotten that guy (That's trying to date J****e) in the hospital overseas for over a week from a blood issue. I guess the key to victory is to crush your enemies." -- K****n S*****s


"I'm writing you to say thank you for your help.I think it worked, he finally came around, he apologized for being a jerk all these years and he gave me this huge hug I can't describe it, we were crying together, and he said he is so happy right now!!! I never thought I ever
Going to hear those words.
I'm still in shock, trying to absorb every minute of it, at the same time thinking will he going to change back again? Well I'm crossing my fingers and praying hard to last this feeling forever..." -- M****l


"Your weight loss spell is still helping me release weight. A total of 20lbs so far. :-)" -- L** S****p

"We are scheduled to close July 15 latest but it's possible we could close sooner. We're stoked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm so relieved." -- Ja*****ne C****g


"I just wanted to update you, there have been drastic improvements in my life even though there is a long road ahead for me. I feel Buer has intervened. I just wanted to thank you."-- A***n Na***r


"I have some good update for you.
Last night I met up with him, and it was as though some one or something helped me.

Last night there were a lot of men flirting and trying to get my attention when I was with him. And there was a stranger came to our table and start telling my x that he should know how lucky he is to have me and he should love me, marry me etc. And my x told the guy he knows.

When that stranger left, I just told my x that it's funny that we look like lovers and I was laughing and then my x suddenly kissed me!!" -- Mo****un


"So, today just happened and.. I'm speechless. I'm absolutely speechless. Pardon my french, but I'm shitting myself at how amazing your work is. Just.. WOW. Part 2 is still on it's way for the magick to happen, but WOW. I'm absolutely blown away. I have no words to describe how thankful I am for this. " Ja**es D*****a


"Just to let you know the talisman has arrived; I've hidden it in my bedroom and will forget about it. Over the last week I've already started to see movement...Thank you again for your help in this. :) "


"Hi Izabael, first.. Thank you (and Bune) for the Bune -work you did.. At this point my salary has been raised with 33%..." Jo***s F.


"The weight loss spell did wonders for me, thank you so very much!!!

I’m not big on using a scale cuz like everything else in my life I get obsessed with it, but I would guestimate I’ve lost about 25lbs, clothes don’t lie!!! " - Ka**


"Funny thing happened Monday the 10th of march u emailed to say that my spell is complete and ur mailing it !! In that same day !! Well I haven't talked or text David in almost 2 weeks and he text me to say he love me n his son!! " -- K***ra B****n

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