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About Izabael

Izabael Dajinn is a high magician, trained in Qabalah, Goetia, Golden Dawn, and Thelema with a dab of witchcraft and shamanism. Visit my "genie-bottle" for more information about me.

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Spells based on the energy of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Aires more info...
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Price: $165.00
Aires is the initial burst of energy that starts any new action or project. Aires is also the fresh, new energy of Spring. Aires energy is direct, straightforward, and sometimes rigidly determined. Aires energy may be short-lived and can be destructively impetuous. This spell is good for anything requiring direct energy and for starting new projects. It's good for learning to be more direct and focused.

Aquarius more info...
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Price: $165.00
Original, independent thought. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, suggesting the grandiose idieas of the Aquarius are best governed by practical concerns. Aquarius energy is good for anyone who needs innovative and revolutionary ideas thoughts.

Cancer more info...
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Price: $165.00
Protective, secretive, nurturing energy. Being ruled by the moon, the passion of the crab is stirred by mystery. This also suggests the mood and energy level of Cancer tends to ebb and flow like that of tides. This spell is good for anything requiring mystery. It is also good for parenting and anything that requies careful, protective energy.

Capricorn more info...
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Price: $165.00
Capricorn energy ascends from deepest emotions (the fish tail) all the way to the highest mountains of practicality (symbolized by the Goat, considered to be a mountain goat). Capricorn energy is practical, yet still with a certain sensitivity. Capricorn is persistent, determined energy, that will not be easily shoved aside from its ambitions. This energy is good for long, difficult projects and material plane concerns.

Gemini more info...
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Price: $165.00
Dual-natured, quick-witted, and intuitive energy. Mercury rules this sign and so Gemini’s energy is fascinated by the power of language and responds well to savvy intellectual stimuli. This spell is good for anything involving communication, or a quick-wit.

Leo more info...
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Price: $165.00
“King of the Jungle” Royal, center of attention. The Leo is the center of the attention as the sun is the center of the solar system. The Leo energy loves to be the source of good energy, thus dominating. This energy is good for learning to dominate and be the center-of-attention. It is good for curing depression and other ailments of sadness and enui.

Pisces more info...
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Price: $165.00
Mysterious, reflective, intuitive and imaginative energy. Pisces energy is good for developing intution and is helpful in creating a range of acquantances for your social network.

Sagittarius more info...
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Price: $165.00
Focused intelligence. Directed attention. Saigittarius energy is optimistic and freedom loving. Imagine the image of the centaur (body of a horse, head and chest of man): He roams carelessly free across the plains, but when it’s time to hunt, the archer is deadly accurate with his aim. This energy is good for freedom from any bonds or constraints soever.

Scorpio more info...
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Price: $165.00
Passion, brooding intensity, the ability to destroy oneself (Scorpion) or the ability to transcend (Eagle). Magnetic and darkly seductive. Obsessive, sometimes dangerous, sexual impulses can originate with Scorpio. This is Cancer’s only rival for “most secretive” of the signs. This sign is good for sexual goals and for those who want to work on their "bad boy" or "bad girl" natures.

Taurus more info...
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Price: $165.00
Taurus is steady, persistent, and durable. It is difficult to sway Taurus energy from its current path since it is Earth energy in its most stable and reliable form. There also is grace and beauty in this sign granted to it by its ruler Venus. This spell is good for anything requiring patience or energy for a long-haul situation.

Virgo more info...
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Price: $165.00
The Virgin is pure potential, i.e. the potential to give birth. So this entire card is about the hidden mysteries of procreation. The path itself is attributed to Yod, which means mand, but also symbolizes the sperm. Virgo energy is also prudent and detail-oriented. This energy is good for anything involving details and planning.


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