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About Izabael

Izabael Dajinn is a high magician, trained in Qabalah, Goetia, Golden Dawn, and Thelema with a dab of witchcraft and shamanism. Visit my "genie-bottle" for more information about me.

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Enchant YOUR Weapon or Jewelry
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List price: $365.00
Price: $295.00
You save: $70.00 (20%)
This is something I have done for just a few special clients over the years, but I'm going to go ahead and see how it goes if I offer the option of sending me your own magickal weapons or jewelry and I will invoke ANY energy (you find on this site) into it. That can include but is not limited to the following:

Goetic Demons/Djinn
Bless Magickal Tools esp. Golden Dawn/Thelema Style
Liber 231 Djinn
Elemental (Fire/water/air/earth) or Planetary (Mars/Venus/Saturn/Jupiter, etc.) Talismans for any purpose
Sex or Attraction Charms
Good Luck Charms

One popular thing I am asked for is for something more permanent than parchment for their genie invocations. You can send me something specially made from a jeweler engraved with the sigil of the spirit of your choosing, for example, and I will invoke the spirit and then mail your item back to you. You can also just use jewelry you own already that you feel is of appropriate energy.

Please be prepared to have a pre-postaged envelope (or box) enclosed for me to mail your item back to you after I consecrate it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions about this service.

Completely Custom Spell
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Price: $395.00
This is for ordering a completely custom spell that I have previously discussed with you in a consultation. If you are looking for a completely custom spell, please contact me.

Custom Curse Spell more info...
Custom Curse Spell
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Price: $235.00
I will create a customized curse spell to target someone of your choice. This spell can be used to target any specific domain (Fire: their health, Water: their love life, Air: their job, Earth: their finaces.)

Custom Spell by Izabael more info...
Custom Spell by Izabael
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List price: $265.00
Price: $215.00
You save: $50.00 (19%)
This is for ordering a completely custom spell that I have **previously discussed** with you in a consultation. If you are looking for a completely custom spell, please contact me.

Custom Wealth or Money Spell
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Price: $225.00
This is for a completely custom wealth or money spell--previously discussed in email.

Fountain of Youth Spell more info...
Fountain of Youth Spell
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List price: $400.00
Price: $299.00
You save: $101.00 (26%)
New for 2017! On sale for a limited time. This is a special customized spell I have previously reserved only for myself, fellow initiates, and a few close friends. I'm happy to say, I can now make this spell possible online as well.

This is a multi-layered spell to help bring ALL THIS to the rest of your long and fruitful life:

-- Long Life
-- Lasting Beauty
-- Lasting Health
-- Vitality
-- Passion
-- Lust for Life
-- Good Luck!

Blessed be, and So mote it be!

Goetia Invoked Amulets more info...
Goetia Invoked Amulets
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Price: $500.00
Instead of invoking your Goetic Djinn into my usual paper-parchment talisman, you can order a lovely high quality amulet I will invoke your djinn into instead. Not only will this make a permanent home that will not wear out for your djinn, but also can be easily worn around the neck to keep your djinn close.

Increased Psychic/Astral Ability LEVEL 1 more info...
Increased Psychic/Astral Ability LEVEL 1
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Price: $195.00
One of the most common requests I receive is for help with one's astral/psychic abilities.

If you have no astral or ability to sense or summon spirits and magical energy, this is the spell to improve all your astral abilities.

This is also a good spell for those with ability but want to take it to the next level or have more control over their astral of psychic abilities.

Increased Psychic/Astral Ability LEVEL 2 more info...
Increased Psychic/Astral Ability LEVEL 2
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Price: $235.00
This spell is for people who have:

1) Had results with my Level 1 Spell and are ready to proceed to more intense and deeper experiences.


2) Are already naturally psychic, or have had other spontaneous psychic experiences on a semi-regular basis.

This spell will supercharge and boost all your current abilities and help you find new ones that you may not yet know about. This will take you to the next level!

IZABAEL Invocation more info...
IZABAEL Invocation
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Price: $256.00
This spell is for my very own guardian Genie and namesake, IZABAEL. Izabael derives from Seere of the Goetia, but evolved in her own direction. Izabael is a powerful, modern, adroit djinn. She is without peer in teaching magick, demonololgy, and occultism of all sorts. She works well with all other djinn or demons and will help your ability to communicate with other spirits and entities. She is a goodly spirit and will always look out for your best interest.

Liber 231 Genii more info...
Liber 231 Genii
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Price: $300.00
These genii are best used in pairs, which I will divine for you based on your goals.

The genii, from Crowley's Liber 231, create their own polarity which ignites and empowers your deepest desires.

They are useful for any purpose you have have.

Magick Book
more info...
Magick Book
List price: $21.95
Price: $18.95
You save: $3.00 (14%)
People often ask me three things:

1) What book do I recommend to learn and practice magick?

2) Do I know any exercises to help them feel better, more confident so that any spell they order may work that much easier?

3) How do I work with demons/servitors?

The answer to all three of these is in this Do-It-Yourself Magick book written by my magickal soulmate and master. It's full of examples, samples and pictures of how to perform your own rituals that can become as powerful and as elaborate as the ones I cast for you here.

***I will take $25 off ANY spell with proof of purchase of this book. That means you can get it for about $18.95 on Amazon or Barnes and Noble right now and get a discount of $25 on any spell.

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List price: $70.00
Price: $45.00
You save: $25.00 (36%)
This is a special link just for shipping to certain countries.

STOP TRUMP 2020 more info...
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Price: $200.00
I am normally apolitical, but the time has come to STOP THIS DERANGED AND DANGEROUS CLOWN MONSTER! Trump is literally destroying the FABRIC of DEMOCRACY as you read this. His deep levels of narcissism and ruthless corruption are destroying the core Rule of Law in America. His willful ignorance of science and the lack of even the tiniest amount of empathy is causing untold harm, suffering and even DEATH for Americans all over the country! His thinking on everything is MEDIEVAL and backwards and is against true Freewill, Love and Light. He is not the anti-christ, but he is an ignorant, flailing bully with not a drop of decency, truth, or honor. In other words he is the biggest douche-bag of all time. Help me stop him! For every $200 donated I will do yet ANOTHER magick spell with MORE energy to stop this banally evil man once and for all! Thank you also to all those who have already asked for and donated to this cause (many people were asking for this! We are not alone!) The time time has come to end the silence, or we are all complicit with Trump and his crimes against America and humanity as a whole.

Tarot or Crystal Reading more info...
Tarot or Crystal Reading
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List price: $75.00
Price: $69.00
You save: $6.00 (8%)
Tarot or Crystal ball readings for your questions, concerns, problems, or worries.

The Great Rite of Babalon and the Beast Conjoined more info...
The Great Rite of Babalon and the Beast Conjoined
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Price: $495.00
This is a holy ceremony performed by me and at least one other practitioner. This spell can be cast for most intents or purposes, but instead of being charged with divine light, the empowerment is through sexual energy, the moment of climax, and the consecration of the talisman with the elixir of that union. This spells draws on the best techniques of Golden Dawn, Thelema, and Tantra.


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