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About Izabael

Izabael Dajinn is a high magician, trained in Qabalah, Goetia, Golden Dawn, and Thelema with a dab of witchcraft and shamanism. Visit my "genie-bottle" for more information about me.

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Magic utilizing the Planetary magic and sigils of THE GREATER KEY OF SOLOMON THE KING.

JUPITER more info...
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List price: $245.00
Price: $195.00
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Jupiter magic concerns anything along the lines of:

Wealth, career, good fortune, royalty, prestige, and financial gain and power of any sort.

LUNA more info...
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Price: $225.00
The Moon (Luna) Magic includes anything with regards:

Mystery, intuition, to open secret doors or find hidden places, protection (especially with regards to the water or oceans), and to divine the answers to problems in dreams.

MARS more info...
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Price: $225.00
Mars magic includes anything with regards to:

War, power, domination, smiting others, victory in battle including sports or business.

MERCURY more info...
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Price: $225.00
Mercury magic includes anything for:

Communication of all sorts, magick, writing, speaking eloquently, knowledge, learning, speed, alacrity, safe travels, wit.

SATURN more info...
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Price: $235.00
Saturn magic concerns anything with regards to:

Necromancy, destruction, invoking spirits of the night, chase away spirits with guard treasures, "shaking things up.

SOL more info...
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Price: $235.00
The Sun (Sol) magic includes anything for:

Light, healing, freedom from bonds, renewal, rebirth, guidance, strength, enlightenment, empowerment.

VENUS more info...
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Price: $245.00
Venus magic pertains to anything regarding:

Love, Passion, Seduction, Sex, Beauty, Popularity, and Romantic Social Encounters.


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