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About Izabael

Izabael Dajinn is a high magician, trained in Qabalah, Goetia, Golden Dawn, and Thelema with a dab of witchcraft and shamanism. Visit my "genie-bottle" for more information about me.

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Wit, Eloquence and Persuasive Speaking demons.

Aim more info...
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Price: $200.00
The djinn Aim maketh thee witty in all manner of ways, and giveth true answers unto private matters.

Balam more info...
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Price: $195.00
He speaketh with a hoarse Voice, giving True Answers of Things Past, Present, and to Come. He maketh men to go unseen, and also to be Witty.

Furcas more info...
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Price: $195.00
His Office is to teach the Arts of Philosophy, Astrology, Rhetoric, Logic, Cheiromancy, and Pyromancy, in all their parts, and perfectly.

Ipos more info...
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Price: $195.00
Ipos maketh men witty and bold.

Phenex more info...
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Price: $195.00
He singeth many sweet notes before the Exorcist, which he must not regard, but by-and-by he must bid him put on Human Shape. Then he will speak marvellously of all wonderful Sciences if required. He is a Poet, good and excellent. And he will be willing to perform thy requests.

Ronove more info...
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Price: $195.00
Ronove teacheth the Art of Rhetoric very well and giveth Good Servants, Knowledge of Tongues, and Favours with Friends or Foes.


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