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About Izabael

Izabael Dajinn is a high magician, trained in Qabalah, Goetia, Golden Dawn, and Thelema with a dab of witchcraft and shamanism. Visit my "genie-bottle" for more information about me.

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Spells which include healing, confidence, beauty, and anything to help oneself or another person.

A+ Weight Loss Spell more info...
A+ Weight Loss Spell
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Price: $225.00
My weight loss spell is a long term plan to get you the weight you truly desire. It does so without guilt or frustration! The spell works naturally by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind to easily lead you to all the changes necessary to lose unwanted pounds.

Confidence, Joy, Beauty Spell for Women more info...
Confidence, Joy, Beauty Spell for Women
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Price: $215.00
Confidence, joy, and beauty ALL go together, that's why offer a spell involving vast improvement in all three of these areas. Increase your confidence in any situation, create abundant joy in all aspects of your life, and feel beautiful and radiant wherever you go and with whomever you are with.

Curse Removal
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Price: $215.00
Remove curses, bad luck, negative energy and anything else causing you misfortune!

Dream Home Spell more info...
Dream Home Spell
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Price: $235.00
This is a spell to help find a home and be able to afford one. Whatever level you are at with regards to home-buying I will customize the spell to help you move forward and get your dream home.

Female Fertility Spell more info...
Female Fertility Spell
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Price: $250.00
This spell will assist in fertility, increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

Four Planes Protection Spell more info...
Four Planes Protection Spell
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Price: $245.00
This all-purpose protection spell guards against physical, mental, and emotional harm of all sorts.

Healing Spell more info...
Healing Spell
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List price: $235.00
Price: $200.00
You save: $35.00 (15%)
This spell is for healing, both physical and emotional. I will study your situation and provide the best healing magic possible for your situation.

Libra Legal Spell more info...
Libra Legal Spell
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List price: $245.00
Price: $225.00
You save: $20.00 (9%)
This spell is for anything involving legal battles and the law. This includes but is not limited to, lawsuits, divorce, custody, inheritance, and criminal court cases. This invokes the power of Libra for justice to swing in your direction.

Male Potency more info...
Male Potency
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List price: $225.00
Price: $185.00
You save: $40.00 (18%)
This spell will invoke your deepest, most potent masculine powers and channel them into virility, stamina, potency, and size.

Masculine Sex Appeal more info...
Masculine Sex Appeal
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Price: $235.00
Men are supposedly from Mars, but do you feel you radiate your best male self? Do you feel confident and in-charge whenever you step into a room? This spell is designed to bring out your strong, charismatic, and confident male self, which increases your sex appeal with women wherever you go.

Muse Invocation more info...
Muse Invocation
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Price: $219.00
This spell is for artists, performers, and writers of all types. This spell invokes the timeless energies of one of the seven muses for inspiration, passion and skill in one of the nine specific areas each Ancient Greek muses represents.

Pass Exams & Good Grades Spell more info...
Pass Exams & Good Grades Spell
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Price: $215.00
This spell is customized to help students with tests, exams, and over-all good grades. This spell can be customized for any academic discipline.

Purification and Cleansing Spell more info...
Purification and Cleansing Spell
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Price: $215.00
Purification and cleansing spell for your entire spirit, mental, and emotional well-being.

Quit an Addiction (including Cigarettes) more info...
Quit an Addiction (including Cigarettes)
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Price: $215.00
Having problems getting rid of a bad habit like cigarettes, alcoholism, or drug-use? This spell is designed to ease your cravings and naturally turn your desires away from addiction and into new passions and activities.


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