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About Izabael

Izabael Dajinn is a high magician, trained in Qabalah, Goetia, Golden Dawn, and Thelema with a dab of witchcraft and shamanism. Visit my "genie-bottle" for more information about me.

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Djinn, Genies, Demons, and Daemons. Descriptions are from the revised English edition of the Ars Goetia as published in 1904 by Samuel Liddell Mathers and Aleister Crowley as The Goetia, based on manuscripts from the British Museum.

PLEASE NOTE: I realize there are a lot of djinn/demons to choose from, many with overlapping abilities. Please contact me if you need help deciding on which djinn to use.

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Healing Djinn (2)
Familiar Spirits (7)
Wealth Djinn (11)
Love Djinn (8)
War and Quarrel (10)
Kings of the Goetia (5)
Wit and Eloquence (6)

Highest rated products:

Agares more info...
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Price: $225.00
The Second Spirit is a Duke called Agreas, or Agares. He is under the Power of the East, and cometh up in the form of an old fair Man, riding upon a Crocodile, carrying a Goshawk upon his fist, and yet mild in appearance. He maketh them to run that stand still, and bringeth back runaways. He teaches all Languages or Tongues.

Asmoday more info...
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Price: $285.00
Asmoday giveth the Ring of Virtues; he teacheth the Arts of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, and all handicrafts absolutely. He giveth true and full answers unto thy demands. He maketh one Invincible. He showeth the place where Treasures lie, and guardeth it. He is also considered a powerful lust demon.

Bune more info...
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Price: $225.00
Bune giveth Riches unto a Man, and maketh him Wise and Eloquent. He giveth true Answers unto Demands. This is a powerful wealth & money djinn (which I use myself).

Raum more info...
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Price: $225.00
His office is to steal Treasures out King's Houses, and to carry it whither he is commanded, and to destroy Cities and Dignities of Men, and to tell all things, Past and What Is, and what Will Be; and to cause Love between Friends and Foes. This Goetic djinn is a wealth and love demon both, which is quite rare!

Gusion more info...
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Price: $215.00
Gusion conciliateth and reconcileth friendships, and giveth Fame Honour and Dignity unto any. Gusion heals all fights and arguments, and returns trust and communication to any relationship.

Cimejes (Kimaris) more info...
Cimejes (Kimaris)
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Price: $200.00
His Office is to teach perfectly Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, and to discover things Lost or Hidden, and Treasures, and other new sources of wealth.

more info...
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Price: $285.00
This Great King Beleth causeth all the love that may be, both of Men and of Women, until the Master Exorcist hath had his desire fulfilled.

Vassago more info...
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Price: $195.00
This Spirit is of a Good Nature, and his office is to declare things Past and to Come, and to discover all things Hid or Lost. Vassago himself is a good magician's familiar.

Bael more info...
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Price: $195.00
The First Principal Spirit is a King ruling in the East, called Bael. He maketh thee to go unseen.

Marbas more info...
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Price: $185.00
He causeth Diseases and cureth them. Again, he giveth great Wisdom and Knowledge in Mechanical Arts; and can change men into other shapes.

Barbatos more info...
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Price: $215.00
He giveth understanding of the singing of Birds, and of the Voices of other creatures, such as the barking of Dogs. He breaketh the Hidden Treasures open that have been laid by the Enchantments of Magicians. He is of the Order of Virtues, of which some part he retaineth still; and he knoweth all things Past, and to come, and conciliateth Friends and those that be in Power. This is an excellent wealth djinn for artists and musicians.

Sitri more info...
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Price: $235.00
Sitri enflameth men with Women's love, and Women with Men's love; and causeth them also to show themselves "luxuriously naked" if it be desired.

Balam more info...
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Price: $195.00
He speaketh with a hoarse Voice, giving True Answers of Things Past, Present, and to Come. He maketh men to go unseen, and also to be Witty.

Furcas more info...
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Price: $195.00
His Office is to teach the Arts of Philosophy, Astrology, Rhetoric, Logic, Cheiromancy, and Pyromancy, in all their parts, and perfectly.

Crocell more info...
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Price: $195.00
He is a Duke Great and Strong, speaking something Mystically of Hidden Things. He teacheth the Art of Geometry and the Liberal Sciences. He, at the Command of the Exorcist, will produce Great Noises like the Rushings of many Waters, although there be none. He warmeth Waters, and discovereth Baths.

Haagenti more info...
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Price: $215.00
His Office is to make Men wise, and to instruct them in divers things; also to Transmute all Metals into Gold; and to change Wine into Water, and Water into Wine.


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