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About Izabael

Izabael Dajinn is a high magician, trained in Qabalah, Goetia, Golden Dawn, and Thelema with a dab of witchcraft and shamanism. Visit my "genie-bottle" for more information about me.

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***All my love spells for ANY gender and ANY sexual preference.*** If you have your heart set on someone contact me and I will divine the best spell for your situation.

Also browse my selection of genie love spells: Goetic Love Djinn Spells.

Everyone wants love spells that work and of course some people want love spells that work overnight.

Most people want to know "how long it takes for a love spell to work?" The answer to this is simple, how long is a piece or yarn? How may stars are in the sky? There is no definite answer to love spells and how quickly they work. For example the spell works differently regarding "each" situation you are involved with. For example you may have had a lovers spat, a simple spell may be suffice. In some instances a curse or a break up spell may have been cast or you may need a curse removal and love spell combination.

Please see below for different spells.

Types Of Love Spells:

Black Magick Love Spell more info...
Black Magick Love Spell
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Price: $296.00
This spell includes one of my blackest break-up djinn to get rid of any obstacles(Andromalius or Andras) as well as a powerful love spell for your target to passionately love you and to come to you.

Burning Lust and Passion Spell more info...
Burning Lust and Passion Spell
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Price: $235.00
This spell is to bring more fiery lust and passion to a current relationship, or help lead a friendship into the direction of love, lust and passion.

Custom BLACK MAGICK OBSESSION Spell more info...
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Price: $299.00
We will discuss in in detail your express needs for a completely *custom* BLACK MAGICK OBSESSION SPELL for the >target< of your choice!! Please contact me at my email so we can discuss your specific needs in detail.

Infernal Princes of Hell Love Spell more info...
Infernal Princes of Hell Love Spell
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Price: $345.00
I will conjure and command all four crown princes of Hell (Satan, Lucifer, Belial And Leviathan) to assist you in bringing you your love's desire. These four princes command all four magickal quarters, thereby creating a powerful ring of unholy energy to help manifest your goals.

Love Spell & Banish Spell 2-in-1 Spell more info...
Love Spell & Banish Spell 2-in-1 Spell
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Price: $269.00
Due to the high demand for a love spell along with a banish spell for negative people and influences, I have come up with this spell that includes both. With this spell, I will customize a unique love spell for your exact situation. You will also get my Banish spell ($200 by itself usually) where I can get rid of any people who you feel are negative or otherwise blocking your love with someone special.

Return a Lover Spell more info...
Return a Lover Spell
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Price: $225.00
Missing someone special? Lost a lover for reasons unknown? This spell will return lost loves and restore passion to flames that have gone dim.

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Price: $315.00
This is my own special spell based on a secret one I was taught during Astarte Initiation Rituals. This will bind someone to you sexually & romantically and repel all others from your target. Astarte, GODDESS OF LOVE, is the Hellenized form of the Middle Eastern goddess Astoreth a form of Ishtar , worshipped from the Bronze Age through classical antiquity. Greek equivalent: Aphrodite Roman equivalent: Venus

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Price: $365.00
Would you like to bind you soul to someone for NOW and FUTURE lifetimes? This is the spell for you.

Steal a Mate more info...
Steal a Mate
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Price: $295.00
Do you desire someone who belongs to someone else? This spell will help steal that person away from your adversary!

_"Gardenia" Love Spell more info...
_"Gardenia" Love Spell
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Price: $225.00
My "Gardenia" Love Spell is for when you have a secret crush on someone...

_"Narcissus"  Love Spell more info...
_"Narcissus" Love Spell
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Price: $235.00
My "Narcissus" Love Spell is for those of you who love yourself far more than you could ever love another. This love spell is about indulgence of your own ego and love for self. This spell will specifically seek out to attract people who will worship you and look up to you and love you almost as much as you love yourself.

_"Red Rose" Love Spell more info...
_"Red Rose" Love Spell
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List price: $225.00
Price: $220.00
You save: $5.00 (3%)
My "Red Rose" Love Spell is my "soulmate" spell for those seeking a lasting partner. This is a traditional love spell in the sense that it focuses on romance and true love. It excels at finding a soulmate or a lifelong spouse. This is the Love Spell to find your Prince Charming or your Sleeping Beauty.

_"The Lily" Love Spell more info...
_"The Lily" Love Spell
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Price: $225.00
"The Lily" Love Spell is for those who seek faithfulness, passion, and purity of love above all else. This spell also works to keep a current lover/spouse faithful to YOU. This spell is also used to get COMMITMENT from a guy or gal who can't seem to decide.

_"The Orchid" Love Spell more info...
_"The Orchid" Love Spell
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Price: $225.00
"The Orchid" Love Spell focuses on finding a RARE and exotic LOVER for romance and passion. This love spell pulls exciting and unique moments of romantic perfection into your life.

This love spell is especially good for those who feel like they've already "done it all" romantically and need something new and different.

This spell is also good for attracting mates from distant or exotic lands.

_"Waratah Blossom" Love Spell more info...
_"Waratah Blossom" Love Spell
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Price: $235.00
My "Waratah Blossom" Love Spell is for those who seek the "Bad Boy" or the "Naughty Girl."

This spell focuses on lust, passion, and high excitement and especially targets those people who might not be good for us, but titillate us in ALL the right ways, regardless.

This spell is a guilty pleasure.

__"Chrysanthemum" Love Spell more info...
__"Chrysanthemum" Love Spell
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Price: $225.00
The "Chrysanthemum" Love Spell focuses on ABUNDANCE of attraction from all around you. This is when you just want to feel love in all directions, with many options, so that you feel like the center of attention in a world love.


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