Water Magick

water magick

Learn about water magick with Izabael DaJinn ! The attributes of water are both variable and constant at the same time. Water is available on earth in three modes which include solid (ice), liquid and gas. Water magick is quite versatile; it entails procedures that bring about variations that are both within and without. If you want water magick to work for you within, you have to take the water or call upon that feature of the self. If you want it to occur without, you will have to bathe in it, cleanse with it, swim in it etc.

It is worth noting that not all liquid or water magick goes into the realm of water. For example, brews that include alcohol or vinegar as the main component fall in the field of the fire.

There are different water types. These are:

Rain Water 

This has multi-purposeful applications, predominantly applied for generating growth, change and protection.

Sea Water 

Seawater is employed in healing, protection, banishing and cleansing.

River Water 

This is used for generating transitions, moving on and letting go any kind of negativity, warding as well as focusing energy.

Lake Water  

It is used to impart peace, contentment and happiness.

Moon Water  

Used for cleansing, purifying and balancing.

Sun Water  

It is applied in encouraging positive energy, strength and purification.

Storm Water  

Storm water is used for strength, motivation, emotional strength, curses and force.

Dew Water  

This is ideal for love, Fae work, health, fertility and beauty as well as calmness.

Snow Water 

Snow water is employed for brand-new beginnings, virtue and promoting transformation.

Well Water  

This is employed in empowering wishes, healing and restoring intuition.

Ice on Frost Water  

Applied for creativity, purity and promoting transformation.

Swamp Water   

This is used for binding and banishing.

pond water

Pond Water 

Pond water is correlated with recreations and self-reflection.

Creek or Stream Water 

This is used to build purification, harmony and cleansing

Fog or Mist Water  

Mist or Fog water is used for balance and creativity.

Waterfall Water 

This is used to build power, energy and success

Harbor Water  

Harbor water is associated with protection, abundance, banishing and promoting property

The collection and processing of water meant for water magick. 

Before you start collecting water for magical application, it is recommended to understand what to collect it with, how to prepare it and even how to best keep it (and for how long). After collecting it, you will need to appropriately process it prior to using it magically.

The process of water for water magick 

Regardless of the type of your water, and how easy it, you need to consider the debris and small wiggly stuff hence, you should filter it. Therefore, using a glass jar or bowl, fix over it with the use of either a coffee filter or a rubber band and ensure it has a dent to hold the water and keep it while it trickles down into your bowl. Basically, the idea is making the water free from impurities that may affect its effectiveness and you should perfectly do it if you need great results.

Essentially, water magick is a good magick if you practice it with care paying attention to all the procedures laid out concerning its collection and processing. However, this is not unique since all types of magick require a certain measure for it to work as required.

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