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Welcome to an Introduction to Astral travel and Astral Projection with Izabael DaJinn from First, it should be very apparent that Astral Projection and Astral Travel are two distinct things. Though they are linked together, the reality is, they are not the same at all. At any no point should you put them into the same boat. This is because what appears to be a minor error can generate an endless amount of challenges for a beginner, or simply frustrate the living daylights merely out of someone else. In this article, we shall learn about this by explaining what Astral Travel is. More so, we shall shortly see how this Astral travel can be accomplished.

Basically, this article will not describe Astral travel and the rest of the techniques a whole, since there are a lot of articles available which already does that. Instead of attempting to echo what others have stated, it is prudent to merely try to interpret some things.

Some explanations or definitions: 

i). Astral Travel- This the process of traveling in the Astral Plane

ii). Astral Plane- This is the plane or realm where we are unlimited. In this case, we can simply do about anything. Also, we go there to engage our inner selves or even other rational beings for guidance or any other purpose.

iii). Astral projection– Is a way of Astral traveling.

iv). Lucid Dreaming– Is a dream in which we are conscious that we are dreaming, and hence have full access to our subconscious minds, and can perform what we need. (A way of Astral traveling)

OBE- In full, this is Out-of-Body-Experience (A way of Astral Traveling.)

out of body experience

out of body experience

Astral Travel 

The Astral travel is natural. As a matter of fact, most of us perform it when we are asleep but totally unaware of it. This is not something to fear. In fact, if that was the case, it would be there for individuals of all ages to exercise.

Basically, Astral travel means what it states. It is to put aside the physical Realm or body temporarily by OBE, Lucid dreaming or Astral Projection. In most cases, we make apply the Astral travel since in the physical Realm there are conditions, for instance, we cannot fly unless we are in an aeroplane. We cannot regulate what occurs at any given time. We cannot do or even go where we wish.

Nevertheless, in the Astral plane, it is known as the most “ultimate” beings that we can probably be. We can fly, we have the ability to shape-shift (Subtle bodies is the overall name for shapeshifting or rather shifting form in the Astral Plane), we can carry out any desire of our hearts. We can move there for direction from our other knowledgeable beings or our Ancestors. And it is a great deal of fun!

Astral Projection is a way of going to the Astral Plane. This is most generally attained through long periods of practice and meditation. We have all observed images of diagrams of somebody lying down, and another “model” of them hovering in the air, having a silver cord fastened at their abdomen buttons, to make sure that the natural and spiritual bodies are linked. Basically, our spirits get out of our body at the navel part. But, it does not necessarily have to be via the navel region. Some people’s spirits exit through the mind or the heart.


I offer two spells to help you with your astral abilities which are listed below.

Increased Psychic/Astral Ability LEVEL 1

increased psychic ability astral ability 1

increased psychic ability astral ability 1

One of the most common requests I receive is for help with one’s astral/psychic abilities.

If you have no astral or ability to sense or summon spirits and magical energy, this is the spell to improve all your astral abilities, including lucid dreaming.

This is also a good spell for those with ability but want to take it to the next level or have more control over their astral of psychic abilities.



Increased Psychic/Astral Ability LEVEL 2

increased psychic ability astral ability 2

increased psychic ability astral ability 2

This spell is for people who have:

1) Had results with my Level 1 Spell and are ready to proceed to more intense and deeper experiences.


2) You are already naturally psychic, or have had other spontaneous psychic experiences on a semi-regular basis.

This spell will supercharge and boost all your current abilities and help you find new ones that you may not yet know about. This will take you to the next level.

LEVEL 2: This is my advanced psychic/astral ability spell for intermediate students to take their abilities to a deeper, more advanced level.


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