The magic spell incantation

magic spell incantatioin

Magic spells incantation is the act of chanting while doing magic. Normally, an incantation is comprised of a string of words and in some instances syllables or other terms. Although many spell books, grimoires and other groups of magical rituals and formulas have incantations that are to be performed as part of a magical process, few have no directions on how to do it, other than possibly the number of times it is to be done.

Before you try doing magic with incantation, be accustomed to it. Train the pronunciation of its words. This is particularly necessary for long incantations as well as those that are in a language that you do not apply in daily life. Keep practicing till you get to the point where you can say it easily.

Next, you will need to understand the rhythm of that particular incantation. Try various ways of emphasizing on some of its syllables and words. Choose the rhythm pattern that suitably enables you to move power with the incantation.

Magic Spell Incantation

Magic Spell Incantation

After that, work with its speed. Exercise saying the incantation in a slow way, at a modest pace and faster. Switching the speed of an incantation can enhance its power and it a great way to deliver energy with it.

Next, master your volume. Try to speak the incantation quite softly then get louder as you repeat. Take note of how the strength of the chant increases from a whisper to a shout. Determine the volume that works well for your own voice and the environment where you will be performing the magic spells incantation.

Further, explore the application of tone while speaking the incantation. Start by saying it in a lower bit of your vocal range, followed by mid-range, then close to the top of your range. Choose the part that appears to work well with the incantation. Again, select the part that makes it probable for you to speak the incantation again and again without voice straining.

Move from testing your tonal range to your melody. Actually, most of the incantations grow in power when sung. Remember is not a must to be a proficient singer to apply melody with incantations. Start your melodic searches by singing the entire words on one note. Subsequently, try to sing the chant with two or more notes, and then some available tunes come out. Choose the most energetic pattern (melodic).

If possible, memorize the incantation. You should memorize both its words and your determined volume, pace, melody and rhythm. Once these arrangements are complete, continue with doing the ritual that comprises the incantation. Concentrate on the purpose of the magic spell while doing the ritual incantation. You should always let your spiritual life or the Divine within lead you in the process of doing magic with the c chanting and instinctively work with volume, pace, and other things that you examined as part of the preparation.

Instinctively sense the highest duration for your chanting. Keep raising and directing power for the proposed intention until you feel it is time to climax the energy and project it off and then be silent. In that silence, reflect the expected objective being attained. After completing this, detail what you have done and what you got from this in a magical workbook. Use what you have acquired here in your next work with incantations.

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