All You Need to Know About Occult Forums


Define occult?  Occult is a perception which is beyond the normal range. It means that when someone has a sense of perception beyond the normal range. The occult is something which has hidden power and knowledge unlike others. The fascination of the globe with the occult is increasing day by day. Though, some people are practicing occult and an urge to know more about the occult, people had started practicing occult a lot.

Practices of the occult-

Basically, occult has been practiced under three major categories:  Necromancy (Spiritism)Fortune telling (Divination)Sorcery (Magic)  Spiritual or Necromancy- It is the study of contacting the dead so as to gain some important knowledge. In this practice, there are basically three spirits involved. One is a practitioner, other is dead or evil spirit and the third one is a familiar spirit which gathers the information from the evil or dead spirit and informs to the practitioner.

Fortune telling or divination-

It is the practice which discovers the future by assessing and interpreting the omens. In this practice, the practitioner can foresee future events. This knowledge is not ideally available to normal human beings.

Some examples of divination are:  Reading, drugs,Water witching,Astrology,Reading horoscopes,Reading palms,Reading tea leaves, Reading forehead,  Sorcery or magic- It is the magical practice of gaining control over evil or bad spirits. Magic is the practice of manipulation and controlling things which are impossible for a normal human.

People practicing occult need to visit the occult forum. Existing practitioners knew about occult forums whereas newer practitioners need to visit the occult forums. So, here I am explaining the best occult forums to visit.

Topmost occult forum you need to know- 

There is countless number of online occult forums and it is hard to know each and every one. I am going to discuss some negatives and positives of occult forums. Let us start with the top  occult forum.

The fool speaks

The fool speaks

The Fool Speaks

In this forum of The Fool Speaks, you can ask whatever you want to. You just have to ask your query, you will have a lot of replies in return. This forum has several live members. Not only excess in numbers, but all of the members are also so helpful and they help in the best possible way. Being the best occult forum with large members, people post some low-quality posts which might irritate the others.

When I talk about the quality occult forum, the only name which comes to my mind is The Fool Speaks. This occult forum has the best website and everyone loves to visit their site.This forum acts as a good platform for information on spells, how to and more. Though, the number of posts and replies are less as compared to the other forums but the best replies can be expected in this forum.

Go ahead take a peek at: The Fool Speaks