Learn About Andras In Magick


When we talk about spirits, ghosts and other such supernatural and extraterrestrial beings, we can classify them under two broad categories. They are referred to good spirits and evil spirits. The good spirits are the ones who are harmless for human beings and are ready to help them out in times of need. However, the dangerous ones are the evil spirits who are out there to harm human beings either individually or in a group. There are many such evil spirits and when one learns about it in demonology they will be able to list out dozens or perhaps even hundreds of them. Andras is one such evil spirits and quite a bit has been talked about it and also written. For those who believe in ghosts and other such evil spirits, there is no doubt that this spirit could hold special interest.

Why This Demon Is So Fearful

The only objective and instruction of this demon is to hunt men and kill them. The demon usually does not work alone and is aided and abetted by his henchman Flauros. According to relics and beliefs this demon was the Grand Marquis of Hell. Andras had a strange structure. His body was that of an angel and he had the head of an owl. In some cases his head could also resemble that of a raven. He always rode atop a heavily and strongly built black wolf. He also carries with him a bright and sharp sword. Apart from being ruthless when it comes to hunting and killing people, he also is known to be famous for sowing discord between people and communities. According to Solomon, there were 72 spirits and Andras was the 63rd in this list.

He Is Dangerous For Some More Reasons Too

Relics and history has it that he was an extremely dangerous demon or evil spirit. He had the power of killing the conjuring magician or the exorcist and also the assistants. Hence, when he had to be exterminated or banished, extreme care and caution had to be taken. It is about having the right magical and protective ring and staying inside it. One misstep outside the protective ring could lead to instant death for the conjurors. This demon was also skilled enough to lure conjurors outside the protective circle. Further he also was known to use the anger of people on themselves. He was therefore often enticed and invited by kings to help the enemy soldiers to fight amongst themselves.

AndrasAt the end of the day, there is no doubt that Andras continues to be one of the most feared and dreaded devils who is capable of wreaking havoc. Did you know that you can purchase an Andras Spell? Check out my Magick Store: Andras Spell