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Factsheet About Andromalius

Andromalius, the 72nd of the 72 spirits of Solomon,
otherwise known as the 72 demons of Goetia is a powerful earl of hell. He has
dominion and rules over 36 legions of demons, executing his office with the
close co-operation of his deputy. The depiction of this fallen angel is that of
a man holding a great and hissing serpent in his hands.

With the help of the mighty legions of demons he commands,
Andromalius’ office has charge over bringing back a thief and all the treasures
stolen by that thief. This great earl and duke of hell uncovers all dishonest and evil dealings and metes out
punishment to the offenders. Andromalius also discovers all hidden treasures
and fortunes.

It is believed that Andromalius can be constrained to perform any of his infernal duties by the name of the 72nd angel,Seals OF 72 Spirits of Solomon
the guardian angel Mumiah, known as the angel of rebirth. Ever had something of yours stolen or get
lost? Andromalius is without doubt the spirit to summon. He will reveal to you the
trickery and treachery of those who plot wickedness and evil, underhand dealings
against you. Invoking the spirit of this mighty demon will help ward and
protect your person and whatever property belongs to you against theft or
damage. Apart from protecting you against dishonest dealings and theft,
Andromalius will reveal those who steal from you and punish them accordingly.
All these duties fall under his office as explained earlier, one need only invoke
or summon him and constrain the power of this mighty demon.

Andromalius is a demon of the night and his month is the
third month, that is, March and his zodiac sign Pisces. On account of the
endeavors and duties discharged by the office of this Goetic demon, Andromalius
is ranked among the demons of justice.

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