Water Magick

water magick

Learn about water magick with Izabael DaJinn ! The attributes of water are both variable and constant at the same time. Water is available on earth in three modes which include solid (ice), liquid and gas. Water magick is quite versatile; it entails procedures that bring about variations that are both within and without. If […]

Introduction to Astral travel and Astral Projection | ilovemagicspells.com

Welcome to an Introduction to Astral travel and Astral Projection with Izabael DaJinn from ilovemagicspells.com. First, it should be very apparent that Astral Projection and Astral Travel are two distinct things. Though they are linked together, the reality is, they are not the same at all. At any no point should you put them into […]

I Love Magic Spells by Izabael DaJinn ( ilovemagicspells.com )

izabael dajinn ilovemagicspells.com

I have received several DM on social media asking me to post a blog with my spells by Izabael DaJinn from ilovemagicspells.com. In this article I will discuss ilovemagicspells.com‘s  top spells with links to better serve you. Normally I try not to self advertise but I feel this was warranted. Welcome to my little shop […]

The magic spell incantation

magic spell incantatioin

Magic spells incantation is the act of chanting while doing magic. Normally, an incantation is comprised of a string of words and in some instances syllables or other terms. Although many spell books, grimoires and other groups of magical rituals and formulas have incantations that are to be performed as part of a magical process, […]

All You Need to Know About Occult Forums


Define occult?  Occult is a perception which is beyond the normal range. It means that when someone has a sense of perception beyond the normal range. The occult is something which has hidden power and knowledge unlike others. The fascination of the globe with the occult is increasing day by day. Though, some people are […]


lust spells

Have you ever heard of sex spells in magick? Have you ever tried to take the state of your relationship to the next level? Well, it may be quite challenging in a certain situation. Perhaps after staying together in love for a long time make your bond look so ordinary. In the long run, your […]

A Soul Binding Love Spell

soul binding love spell

Does a one-way kind of love sound familiar to you? That person could be in a relationship with someone else, or they are just not attracted to you. Well, deep down you know they are the one for you, but you have no idea of how you could make them love you. Could a soul […]

Spell For Wealth – Your Key To Nonstop Wealth And Abundance

Business Spell for Wealth and Abundance

Looking for a Spell For Wealth? It could be your key to nonstop wealth and abundance. Prosperity, wealth, and success are things everyone craves because these things can increase your social status and self-esteem real fast, everyone’s wish is for the cloud to rain money on them but some wishes never become real, your financial life […]

Love Spell and Banishing Spell

banishing spell

Love Spell and Banishing Spell Magic love spells are immensely popular among people who are encountering issues in love matters. Be informed that you will not have to follow a designated sect of a religion to bring out their successful application legitimately. Why should a person use a 2 in 1 banish and love spell? […]

Learn About Andras In Magick


When we talk about spirits, ghosts and other such supernatural and extraterrestrial beings, we can classify them under two broad categories. They are referred to good spirits and evil spirits. The good spirits are the ones who are harmless for human beings and are ready to help them out in times of need. However, the […]

Learn How To Cast Protection Spells

Four Planes Protection Spell

So you are here to find out which protection spell is the best one right? In this blog I will discuss how to cast protection spells but let you in on a secret as to which one is the best! In the event that you feel that pessimism is encompassing you, or a man or […]

Reasons To Use A Banishing Spell

banish spell

Two Types Of Spells To Understand Banishing Spells is a skill which has been used for centuries for driving away evil spirits and evil influences. Believe it or not there are several spells that fall in this category. Most people are looking for a banish spell for someone causing problems in their life or someone […]

Learn All About Andromalius In Magick


Factsheet About Andromalius Andromalius, the 72nd of the 72 spirits of Solomon, otherwise known as the 72 demons of Goetia is a powerful earl of hell. He has dominion and rules over 36 legions of demons, executing his office with the close co-operation of his deputy. The depiction of this fallen angel is that of […]

Are Love Spells Real ?

are love spells real

Are love spells real and what are love spells? Love spells are ways of broadening and strengthening unconditional love. For many years, people have used love spells to bring their deserted lovers back and also to make the person they love to accept them. This ritual has worked for many years. One needs to visualize […]