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What Is Magick?


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So You Want to Be a Goetic Shaman?

I work heavily with spirits, and the Goetia, and if you read the About Izabael on my homepage, you'll see I've permanently bonded with a so-called demon--not as something evil or wicked, but as an intelligent aspect of my divine and higher self. The process involved in this is long and complex, however there is a technique taught by my master and teacher, pAmphAge, which explains how to contact spirits from the Goetia (and hence any grimoire) through shamanistic means. Please understand that this is an advanced method, and I present it here on this site both for historical reasons (the old pamphage.com redirects here) and to give some background and context for who I am and the magickal world I live in.

“What is a Goetic Shaman?”

A Goetic Shaman is someone who uses Goetic daemons (also demons, genii, or intelligences) in an invocatory, shamanistic manner. The Goetia is most commonly used in High Magickal settings, but in Goetic Shamanism the entheogen Salvia Divinorum is the catalyst employed to bring the magickal student into direct and intimate contact with the daemons. This is exactly how firm contact with the demon Izabael was made, long before I invoked her into myself permanently and changed my legal name to hers.

Any other questions should be answered in the free ebook, which you can view or download here:

So You Want to be a Goetic Shaman.PDF

Thanks to awesome Jose, there is now a Portuguese language version as well.

Então você quer ser um Xamã Goético?

Here is a handy link to the Goetia as well: Ars Goetia.

There is also a specific forum for “So You Want to Be a Goetic Shaman?” at The Fool Speaks: Magick & Mayhem.



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